St Valentines Rice

February 14th, the day for love. Or in our house another excuse for messy fun. We made up some some strawberry scented rice for the sensory bin by adding some strawberry food flavouring (water based) to some red powdered food colouring and mixing it with the cheap long grain rice . You have to be careful as you don’t want too much liquid in the mix but enough to thoroughly mix the colour and the strawberry scent through the rice. Once this was dry we poured it into the sensory bin, added our additional bits and pieces and started playing. One note, if you leave the lid on the sensory tub for a while, the strawberry smell is really good when the kids remove the lid and suck in the strawberry aroma.

As you can see in the pictures, we folded toilet roll tubes into heart shapes which the kids filled, made “cupcakes” with the silicone cake cases, and made valentines presents in various boxes.


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