Pom Pom Stuff

Take 1 coffee tin, (the metal ones with a soft plastic lid). Some different coloured electrical insulation tape (65p a roll in an orange DIY shop) a screwdriver and a load of craft pom poms and create a simple game which little ones will love.*
We washed the coffee tin inside and out before wrapping the tape around it in a variety of colours and patterns. We punched several holes in the plastic lid with the screwdriver (adults, you do this bit the rest can be delegated!). The child then sits down and stuffs the Pom Poms through the holes in the lid until all the Pom Poms are in the tin.
You can keep them quiet by giving them a massive bag of Pom Poms or play games like only stuffing certain colours, counting how many you have put in etc.
*Please note that any links are for example purposes and are not endorsements of any specific product or supplier unless explicitly stated.

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