About Pound Shop Play

It all started when we took the kids to a messy play session at the local Sure Start Children’s Centre. We knew how much they enjoyed it because they were by far the messiest children at the end of every session. Towels and spare clothes were essential if we wanted to get the bus home afterwards. However, as is the case with most excellent services, their funding was cut and the messy play sessions were the first to go.

We started our own messy play sessions at home, either in the kitchen or the garden and I spent hours coming up with new things to do. Things got out of hand rather quickly and soon the house was over run with tins of shaving foam, things for junk modelling, bottles of paint and plastic tubs. My husband was afraid to throw anything away, just in case.

I decided to document all of our messy and sensory activities on a blog but there was so much that I changed plans and wrote a book “Pound Shop Play“. I wanted to show that sensory play can be affordable and accessible to anyone, whatever your financial circumstances (we’re always broke) or size of your house or garden (ours is tiny).

There are over 150 activities in the book and a second volume is being written as we speak.  The blog should give you an idea of what’s in the books. We hope you find something fun to do with the little ones and if you like our little blog, please tell your friends.

Kind Regards

Hazel Jones.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this! Great idea!


  2. Anna says:

    Excellent website! Thanks for another fab idea to try!


  3. Kerry Hiscock says:

    This such a great idea, I am a childminder we love sensory play, it’s good to get more good ideas, this sort of play is so beneficial to a child’s development, what ever their age. Can’t wait to see what you put on here next.


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